‘The Marrying Type’ Bonus Scene – The College World Series

Elliot Lynch, the main character in The Marrying Type, is an avid baseball fan and alumna of the University of Virginia. Last night, when UVA played in Game 3 of the Championship, I watched closely and wondered what Elliot would be doing at that exact same moment. You’ll find the result of those thoughts below. In honor of the ‘Hoos win last night, I am delighted to share this new “deleted” scene from The Marrying Type.



From The Marrying Type Season 1 DVD Bonus Features
Filmed: June 24, 2015
Deleted Scene

Announcer: It should come as no surprise that June is a crazy month in the wedding world. That’s certainly the case for Elliot Lynch, but even the busiest planners need time for rest and relaxation.

Shot of Elliot sprawled out on the floor in front of a TV. She has piles of paper, linen samples, her laptop, and a tablet in front of her, but her eyes are glued to the screen.

Announcer (cont.): What could possibly have our favorite Charleston planner so captivated?

Close-up on the TV shows a pitcher and catcher in deep conversation. They’re wearing orange baseball jerseys with “Virginia” written across them in a blue script.

Elliot: My alma mater’s baseball team is one out away from winning the College World Series.

Announcer: And this is a big deal?

Elliot: It’s a huge deal. This is the College World Series. Every college baseball player dreams of one day going to Omaha to play for the title. I grew up watching baseball, and I’ve been a ‘Hoos fan ever since I went to the University of Virginia. So this is pretty exciting.

Montage of cropped photos shows Elliot at baseball games during her freshman year of college.

Announcer: And she isn’t the only one watching the drama unfold as the UVA Cavaliers attempt to win their first national title ever.

Eric (by phone): I’m not available for an interview or filming tonight. My college’s baseball team is about to make history. I’m not going to miss that.

Montage of cropped photos of Eric at baseball games throughout his abbreviated time at UVA.

Eric (cont.): (muffled shout) They stole second. I have to go. (CLICK)

Announcer: And so with one player from the opposing team on second base, two outs, and a batter up, the Cavalier baseball team’s hopes could lie in this next pitch.

Focus on screen as Virginia pitches and strikes out the batter. The catcher jumps up and the UVA bench clears to rush the field.

Cut screen to Elliot throwing the paperwork aside and rising to her feet, arms in the air.

Elliot: Holy (BLEEP). We won! We won! (BLEEP)

Elliot picks up her phone, then seems to reconsider and tosses it aside. Her attention suddenly turns back to the screen, panic on her face.

Elliot (cont.): Wait. You’ll edit that out, right? Please. I got caught up in the moment. I never swear. You know I never swear.

Announcer: She’s right about that. Elliot Lynch is one wedding planner who never seems to lose her cool even in the toughest of situations.


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