The Queen of the League series


If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Then beat them.

Harper Duquaine is out to prove she can not only hang with the boys, but beat them at their own game of fantasy football in the romantic comedy Queen of the League series.

“This whole series is just so wonderful and I think each book just gets better and better.”
– The Book Blog

“Wonderfully written and was a thoroughly entertaining.”
– Living Life with Joy

“I love that we see the feisty Harper in all her glory.”
– A Southern Girl’s Book Blog

The Marrying Type


In this Amazon bestseller, Elliot Lynch plans high-end weddings in Charleston, South Carolina. But when her family business teeters on the edge of bankruptcy, she’ll do anything to save the company — including planning her ex-fiancé’s sister’s wedding! An entertaining read full of quirky, lovable characters.

“It is one of those books that I just couldn’t put down, partly because there was something happening on every page and partly because it was so well written.”
– Readers’ Favorite

“A modern-day Persuasion where Elliot Lynch (Anne Elliot) is a wedding planner. How perfect!”
– Austenesque Reviews

“I loved loved loved The Marrying Type.”
– Books Etc.