Making Christmas

Heat Level:
2 flames 🔥🔥
No explicit sex, mild language


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After bidding her high-power job good-bye, Ivy is settling into a new city with a new job where she’s the boss. Her first order of business: Make this the best Christmas she’s had in years. Not wanting to miss a moment of merry-making, Ivy creates a grownup advent calendar. This December, she’s going to enjoy all of the activities she missed climbing the corporate ladder.

What begins as a bit of fun quickly turns into a mission to spread cheer when she meets Everett. He’s practically a modern day Scrooge who thinks the whole Christmas season is one giant waste of energy. Yet he’s intrigued by Ivy, and before he can say “God bless us, every one” he becomes her partner in crime as they countdown to Christmas.

Slowly, but surely, Everett begins to find the joy in the holiday season. But as he and Ivy become closer—and fears from his past resurface—his inner curmudgeon threatens to resurface. Can the power of Ivy’s love—and the Christmas season—save him? Or is he doomed to a bleak future?

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