Playing House

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She’s a work in progress . . .

Bailey Meredith has had it. As an assistant at a prestigious interior design firm, she’s tired of making coffee and filing invoices. She’ll do just about anything to get out from under the paperwork and into the field for real experience. Then she sees an ad for a job that seems too good to be true.

He’s a fixer upper . . .

Wilder Aldrich knew she would be perfect for the crew the moment he saw her. His hit home improvement show only hired the best, and Bailey had potential written all over her. It isn’t just her imaginative creativity and unmatched work ethic that grabs his attention. There’s just something about her.

With chemistry on screen, it’s only a matter of time before sparks fly behind the scenes as well. But with Bailey’s jaded views on romance and a big secret that could destroy Wilder and everyone he cares about are either of them willing to risk it all for love?

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“I absolutely love this new side to Laura’s writing and I really hope we will be seeing more stories from her at this level. She definitely has a winner on her hands with Playing House.”
– The Book Bag (read the full review)

Playing House was so easy to read and very hard to put down. There are twists. At one point I was like “OMG NO WAY” and my prediction had turned out to be incorrect.”
– The Bookfeed Blog (read the full review)

“What a cute book! This one was a fast read, and as an avid watcher of HGTV, I loved it.”
– Kristin’s Novel Cafe (read the full review)

“This novel was highly entertaining and I wish there was another one to follow.”
– Living Life with Joy (read the full review)

“If you’re looking for a sexy, flirty read with a few surprises thrown in along the way, look no further.”
– Novel Gossip (read the full review)

“This is such a fun weekend read, that’s light and will leave you in a great mood.”
– Polished & Bubbly (read the full review)

“This book had me smiling and cussing at the same time. There are characters I loved and characters I loved to hate.”
– Southern Bred and Read (read the full review)