Current Obsession

With such a full and busy March, some of my favorite things this time around fueled my efforts.

Right now I’m loving:

1. Wildtree Wellness Shakes. I’ve been playing with Wildtree seasonings and kits for the past few months. It’s been fun and delicious while I’m building healthy eating habits. They just rolled out protein shakes, and they’ve been a great and quick way to start my days out well with breakfast. I’ve also tried some other recipes, like making muffins and my favorite: these pancakes.

2. Let Me Think About It. After hearing this song during Adam Rippon’s performance at the Olympics, it’s become a favorite in my workout playlist. It helps me feel pumped up. Seriously, on the days I’m struggling to do cardio most, I listen to it three or four times until I’m going.

3. Pentel Energel Pens. I somehow grabbed some and now I’m obsessed. I’ve bought them in lots of colors and have them all over the house. I don’t know what it is, but when I have one of these Pentel gel pens in my hand, the words flow onto paper.

4. Re-reading my favorite Sophie Kinsella books.  I was having a tough time sleeping last week and dug out a few of my favorite Sophie K books. And, oh my goodness, I’d forgotten how much I loved them. I mean, I didn’t. I’ve always known I loved them. But it was so much fun digging into them again. They re-fueled and rejuvenated me. They inspired me to keep writing after a few sluggish days.

5. Anderson Lilley Sunset Collection Candle. This came in my last Fab Fit Fun box, and it’s been such a fun surprise. I love the scent and I adore the rose gold container. I’ve been on a major rose gold kick lately, so I’m fighting a major impulse to buy more accessories for my office desk to match it.