Laura Chapman is the award-winning and Amazon best-selling author of romantic novels and novellas. A native Nebraskan, she previously served as the National Novel Writing Month Municipal Liaison for Lincoln and as the honorary author member of Nebraska Literary Heritage Association. Besides writing, she works at a museum and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, sampling local libations, and hanging out with her cats, Jane Bennet, Henry Tilney, and Captain Wentworth. You might also find her crafting, reading up on True Crime, binge-watching anything, and jamming on her planner.

Before diving into fiction, Laura earned a bachelor’s of journalism degree with minors in English and history from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She reported for local and regional newspapers and traveled the country to photograph and interview men and women for corporate communications. These experiences helped inspire some of her ideas as she let her imagination wander during long stretches on the road.